(Music) bingo module}

Over the past few weeks I’ve been building a new module for QuizWitz: Bingo. This module should make it easier to organise musicbingo, moviebingo or regular bingo events.

(Music) bingo module

Bingo’s can be created with any text input you like (including emoji) and generated cards are exported to pdfs for easy printing.

Once your cards are printed, you can start a bingo ‘session’ to keep track of which items were drawn. The organiser gets an overview of all lines, 4-corners or full cards in the pool and can verify the cards of any winner.


Right now I’m looking for experienced dj’s / game hosts that want to review our Bingo module, so please give it a try and let us know what you think. I’m sure you can think of things we can improve!

The module is free during this beta period.

Try the module: app.quizwitz.com.