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Organizing a professional quiz was never easier with our ready-to-play PRO quiz shop!

The quizzes in the shop are full quiz experiences filled with professional questions made by the finest pro quiz authors. On top of these questions, you’ll receive the script that binds them all together. Think quiz and round introductions, longer versions to introduce each question and more information about its correct answers. These texts are displayed (if applicable) in the Quizmaster App.

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How does it work?

All quizzes in our shop use the QuizWitz Live game mode. A quizmaster reads out the questions and instructions from the quizmaster app. Players use their own phone to connect to the game. After each question, the quizmaster reveals the answer and all players receive points.

In order to host a quiz, you will need a display that is visible to all players, a tablet or smartphone for the quizmaster and, for each contestant, a phone or tablet.

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Fully customizable

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So you have a few favourite questions? Or you want to ask some questions about your company, or a family member?

Once you purchase your PRO quiz, it will be added to your Collection. There, you can edit, remove or add any questions or script texts. You can also change attachments like images and videos, and add new rounds entirely! It’s your quiz now.