Game modes

QuizWitz is not just an online quiz game. It is a party game, a fun convention booth tool and a professional quiz creation and presentation software. Discover how you can enjoy our digital quiz tools.

Party game

Fun with friends & family

Play your rounds and quizzes in our standard game mode.

Amount of players per game:

  • Free account
    Connect up to 6 players

  • Premium account
    Connect up to 100 players

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Upgrade your convention stand

Engage your audience at your convention stand with a quiz.

The questions are shown automatically and players can join all the way through the quiz.

Amount of players per game:

  • Connect up to 1000 players
    (with QuizWitz PRO credits)

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QuizWitz Live

Host your own grand quiz event

Any Premium user can access the PRO features to host a professional quiz event using QuizWitz credits.

These features are free with up to 10 players and include:

  • Quizmaster App

  • Jury App

Amount of players per game:

  • Connect up to 1000 players
    (with QuizWitz PRO credits)

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Play various online quiz game modes


Party Game mode

In our party game mode, you can find games to play with friends or family. Whether it is a house party game or an online video call via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, … you can easily find some quizzes with quiz questions to play.

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Conference mode

Our Presentation mode makes it easy to set up quiz games for conventions and public display. You need one main screen and a laptop or pc to run the game. The quiz software generates a game code which up to 2000 players can join at a time. Booth visitors can jump into the game whenever they want!

Organise your booth

Exciting live pub quiz with QuizWitz

QuizWitz Live

QuizWitz PRO allows you to host a professional live event with your own trivia questions and a quiz host. Our PRO tools allow you to have complete control over your teambuilding, conference, student event, … With QuizWitz PRO, we offer you access to our quiz creator, our Quizmaster app and a handy Jury app with which you can judge answers. To use these tools, you’ll need a QuizWitz Premium account and enough credits to grant your players access to the game.

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