Networking and Conferences

How can you increase attendee interaction?
QuizWitz offers a handy solution.

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Picture This

ComicCon – the mother of all conventions. You want to stand out. You need to. You owe it to your inner nerd, and every geek and cosplayer present.

Trivia-time! Whether it’s Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate or Starship Troopers – have passersby stop and marvel at your booth for a minute as they engage in a treasure trove of trivia and battle it out without causing any harm (disregarding bruised egos).

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Networking & conferences

Get over that initial awkwardness when networking by sharing interesting questions and facts with your conference attendees to spark the debate and get the conversation started.

Whether it’s in a professional setting, or more entertaining in nature – you can easily cater to your audience.

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Enter QuizWitz

With QuizWitz, hosting a quiz is fun and easy; simply fire up a quiz, have participants enter using their smartphone or any other device and let them reap the rewards of being both accurate AND fast.

Use it to find out who is most knowledgeable about those precious facts and figures.

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It’s easy!

  • No need to see who got it right; QuizWitz does it for you!
  • No need to see who was faster; QuizWitz does it for you!
  • No need to keep track of the leaderboard; QuizWitz does it for you!

Select a quiz or make your own, have participants pull out their device and finally settle who knows best.

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Remote or in-person

QuizWitz works online and can be accessed using any device that supports a browser, but we encourage people to get together and have fun.

Nothing gets the conversation going like a round of trivia, so it’s perfect for an easy and engaging way to relax - or get people fired up, depending on what’s at stake.

Get quizzing

If you’re ready, it’s time to start preparing your first quiz. To do so, you’ll first need to create an account. That’s quick and easy to do!


Whichever quiz it is, we’ve got you covered. Discover our versatile quiz tools for any project.

To your heart’s desire

Contact us, and we’ll customise your quiz to match your branding & style.

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